MMI & MMSPhil rallied for a greener environment by:Arturo delos Reyes

last September 20, 2008

Last 20 September 2008, MMI and MMSPhil actively took part in the Clean-Up drive held at the Manila Bay which was organized by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The group started cleaning just infront of the office. The group picked-up pieces of candy wrappers, papers, cigarette butts, dried leaves and other plastic items. Asthe group is very enthusiastic in cleaning-up, we have already reached the U.S. Embassy area. Then, the group went down the bay to further to the cleaning. When we reached the bay (just on the side of the bay), we are all very surprised to see how dirty the once considered habitant of 40-species of birds and species of mangrove. MMI and MMSPhil have bought 50 sacks where we put the garbages. Bulk of the collected-garbage is plastic items, Styrofoam and other used clothes. These wastes from the Manila Bay will be turned into construction materials such as bricks and concrete blocks through the use of a machine / technology. This activity has definitely created awareness on the dangers of marine debris and its adverse impact on humans, wildlife and the environment as a whole, and shall advocate helping the government and other socio-civic group in protecting our environment, so that the next generation shall see what a wonderful life it is; because for us, the earth is our only home.

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