Cebu Inauguration by Ms. Dorie M. Fernandez

last May 2008
November 2006.

I am very fortunate to be present in the inauguration of MMSPhil Maritime Services, Inc.'satellite office located in Causing Lozada Bldg., Fuenta Osmeña, Cebu City last 05 May 2008. This marked the special moment in the history of MMSPhil and MMI. the establishment of the satellite office will improve the responsiveness of MMSPhil/MMI recruitment operations. It will facilitate the process of strengthening its client orientation by establishing a streamlined and coordinated communication channel, thus, enabling the seafarers from Cebu to be more convenient by simply reporting to this office. The event, which started at exactly 9:30 am., was highlighted by a mass officiated by Rev. Father Jonald Cancha. The weather blessed the event as shower of rainfall started to pour. Much to our surprise, it was a well attended mass which almost crowded the 86.5 square meter room. Capt. Kiyoshi Oikawa, MMS Representative and Dir. Angel Espiritu of the Department of Finance(DOF) did the ceremonial cutting of ribbon. The following were also present during the said momentous event: Atty. Janet D. Abellos(Legal Officer from POEA), Capt. Limic De la Calzada(University of Cebu, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue Campus), Dr. Godofredo A. Loremia(CSCST, Cebu Campus), Engr. Nolasco K. Malabago(CSCST, Cebu Campus), Capt. Sigfredo Lanticse(Dean College, Maritime University of the Visayas), Capt. Leonides Pulgo Capt. Reynaldo Robaro Other seafarers of MMI/MMSPhil Likewise, MMI/MMSPhil Representatives, who flew from Manila to Cebu, are the following: Mr. Alfredo T. Mendoza(President,MMSPhil) Capt. Henry R. Bolongaita(General Manager,MMSPhil) Mr. Edaward Mantes(IT Manage,MMSPhil) Ms. Evelyn Torres(Senior Accounts Assistant,MMSPhil) Mr. Ed Cruz(Crewing Manager,MMI) Ms. Rona Cruz(Documentations Assistant,MMI) Ms. Rovie Ann Benitez(Administration Assistant,MMI)
Ms. Elsie Pagay of MMI Iloilo Satellite Office was also there and of course, our Cebu Office Administration, Ms. Ellen Sadaya, who offered her untiring effort in the preparation of this special occassion. The usual throwing of coins folllowed, with almost all he guest scapered to grab even a coin, because as the belief says, " it's lucky to have as the coins were blessed". To complete the occasion, a summer get-together party was organized for the seafarers and their families both from MMI and MMSPhil. This was held at the Cebu Midtown Hotel. A delectable lunch was served while the video presentation on the history of MMI/MMSPhil was presented. The guests gave a positive response especially on the opening remarks of Capt. Oikawa, wherein he mentioned that through this satellite office, trainings, medical and even the contract processing may be done in Cebu in the near future. Seafarers and their families participated the various fun games wherein winners and even non-winners were given a prize. There was also special intermission numbers by the families fo the seafarers. Also, Ms. Mary Ann Avergonzado, daughter of C/E Avergonzado, provided a song number, while the cute twins of BSN Remata of MMSPhil danced to the music of Spice Girls. To prove that the Cebuanos are musically inclined, 3/E Joselito Recuerdo of MMSPhil sang two (2) mellow songs, and the nieces of Mrs. Ellen Sadaya - Meika and Mave - presented a song and dance number by the Corrs. Mr. Ed Cruz also sang few beautiful love songs, and to the delight of the audience, the officers and staff danced including Capt. Oikawa to the music of the band. Of course, the best part of the program was the raffled draws exclusively for the seafarers and their families wherein a total of sixty (60) appliances were raffled-off. The top prizes went to the ff: 1st Prize (21" Flat Color TV)-Mrs. Junitilla (wife of BSN Juntilla fo MV Daio Copihue), 2nd Prize (6.8 Panasonic Washing Machine)- Mrs. Jucom (wife of C/O Jo Van Jucom of MV Aomi), 3rd Prize (microwave oven) - Mrs. Sabay (wife of OLR Sabay of MV Gyn Yoh). The generosity of Capt. Oikawa worked again as he raffled-off US$100.00 from his own pocket, which was won by Ms. Morales, sister of MSM Edgardo Morales of MV Mona Frontier. Meantime, the closing remark was tendered by MMSPhil's President, Mr. Mendoza, affirmed the convenience of having a satellite office. It was, indeed, a joyous and memorable occasion. In behalf of the MMSPhil/MMI management, we thank all our guests and their families for taking time-out to be with us. we are optimistic that this satellite office will further strengthen our mutual efforts to bring progress and properity to the doorstep of every Cebuanos. Mabuhi!