Company Outing by Ms. Eralyn Masangkay

last May 2008

Leaves greatly bustle by every rushing of winds. Mr. "Sunny" starts claiming his pride. No one can stop it; its summer time! On 17th May 2008 we, the MMI/MMSPhil family, celebrated our annual summer outing at Golden Sunset Village Resort located in Calatagan, Batangas. Despite bad weather caused by storm Cosme, our management and fellow staff togher with our supportive families and some OJTs of both companies went to the outing. This act of generosity of both companies' personnel eveidently describes the relationship our companies have with each other. Hence, the total number of attendees was totaled one hundred twenty four (124), one hundred four(104) adults, seventeen (17) guests whose age range from 4-7 years old, and three (3) guests age three years old and below. With twelve (12) convoy vehicles, we snaked from Marbella building straight to the said venue. Upon arrival, our three (3) straight hours of travel was consoled by picturesque sceery of the place, its engaging ambiance despite bad weather and the warm welcome made by the amiable receptionists. Take note, each guest was given a garland. After which, to fully enjoy and savor the place, Mr. Bench Salarzon, Golden Sunset Village Resort Coordinator, gave us an orientation about the resort. Breakfast was served afterwards. After short preparations, games which spiced and colored much the celebration began. Cpt. Jude Cortez, the games master, had prepared six(60 various games volleyball, obstacle race, boat relay, search and rescue, swimming relay and amazing race for our teams to compete. Grouped into four competing teams, Red, chaired by Mr. A. Mendoza; Yellow, by Capt. B. Briones; Blue by Capt J. Amarillento; and Green, by Capt. K Oikawa, the "rumble" began. Many bonks!, toinks!, splat!, and opss! filled the air as every team, determined as we were, strived hard for victory. However then, only one team stood out as the champion the Green Team. When games were finished, the awarding ceremony took place. Of course, the winner takes it all. Red, Yellow and Blue...better luck next time. Followed shortly, was the inspiring and encouraging closing remarks given us by the three (3) pllars of MMI/MMSPhil, Capt. B. Briones, Capt. K. Oikawa and Mr. A. Mendoza. Our MMI/MMSPhil annual sumer outing is celebrated not just to pause form the hustles of our work but it is much more geared towards strengthening the bond and friendship not only among us, the MMI/MMSPhil people, but among our respective families as well. Due recognition is ought to be given likewise to the "Advance Party Team" headed by Ms. Rona Cruz, MMI Documentation Assistant and Chairman of the Summer Event, without whom the success and fun of our celebration could not have been possible, notwithstanding the storm that they encountered during their overnight stay in the resort.

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